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The founder, Romann Jimenez, came to this country with goals of fulfilling the American Dream. With the support of his wife, he opened his workroom on the porch of their second floor apartment in Uptown, Chicago. With encouragement from interior designers and peers, Romann opened his first 900 sq ft shop in 1988 in Portage Park. Throughout the years, his name and business flourished, allowing him to buy a home in the suburbs and send his three children to college. In 2017, our patriarch passed away knowing he had fulfilled his American Dream. His business is known as one of the top upholstery furniture design workrooms in the Midwest.

Zaid Jimenez, the son of Romann Jimenez, started working for his father at the age of 10, learning his father's crafts after school and during summer months. He continued his education at Columbia College receiving a BA concentrated in interior design. After graduation, he continued to aggressively market the business towards architects, interior designers, hotels, and restaurants.


With his passion for art and history, and his loyalty to his craft, Zaid makes every effort to create each piece for his clients to enjoy.

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